Q: What does the Weiss Family Foundation fund?
A: The Weiss Family Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that help Milwaukee children and families impacted by poverty overcome obstacles and meet their greatest potential.

Q: What doesn’t the Weiss Family Foundation fund?
A: We do not fund:

  • Churches
  • Conferences and meetings
  • Disease-specific programs
  • Individuals
  • More than three years in a row
  • Multiple-year grants
  • Organizations with a focus on animals
  • Programs outside of Milwaukee County

Q: May we submit a request if our organization serves people outside of Milwaukee County or if we do not fall within your guidelines?
A: We discourage you from applying.

Q: May we submit via mail/U.S. Postal?
A: We prefer electronic submissions. If you have something you feel can only be submitted via mail/U.S. Postal, please send us an email describing the special nature of the items you wish to mail.